Theft and Shoplifting Legal Services

In the State of Illinois, charged of retail theft, also known as shoplifting, are extremely serious. These offenses can carry strict penalties. Our La Grange criminal defense attorneys will ensure that your rights, freedom and reputation remain protected. 

Depending on the value of the item stolen and your past criminal history, if any, you or someone you know may face theft or shoplifting charges. This can be a simple misdemeanor or a felony. An individual can be charged with a simple misdemeanour, a felony or even both. 

A theft conviction can negatively affect you for life, such as your ability to find a job, get a loan, rent an apartment and even obtain a professional license. Larson & Greenberg Law Group understands what’s at stake and uses all available resources to make the best defense possible. Our Criminal Attorneys strive to have charges reduced or dismissed, and we pursue all options to prevent a conviction on our clients’ records.

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