Pedestrian Accident Legal Services

Moving on after a serious personal injury is difficult as you learn to adjust to life with a disability. Life is not the same as it was before, because of someone else’s negligence. Pedestrian accidents are particularly devastating as people crossing streets or walking along sidewalks are no match for cars and trucks.

If you were injured as a result of another person’s negligence, you are entitled to seek money damages from the person responsible for your injuries. Whether you were injured as a result of an inattentive driver, drunk driver or a driver who recklessly ignored traffic laws, the Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in La Grange, Western Springs, Hinsdale, Brookfield, La Grange Park, and the Chicago area, at Larson & Greenberg Law Group can help you hold the other driver and their insurance company accountable for their actions.

Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers understand that the full value of an injury requires careful consideration and depends on a number of factors, including not just the medical bills, but the loss of income, pain and suffering, future lost wages, and much more. It is crucial that you do not accept an offer from the insurance company until you speak with the personal injury lawyers at Larson & Greenberg Law Group.

At Larson & Greenberg Law Group, our pedestrian accident lawyers fight for full and fair compensation with your past, present and future expenses in mind.

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